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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Death Comes for the Fat Man

Highly recommended: Death Comes for the Fat Man, by Reginald Hill. This latest installment of the literate Dalziel-Pascoe series continues the high standards of its predecessors, though Dalziel plays almost no role in it. I won’t tell you what the title really means, because it would of course be a spoiler. Does Dalziel die, or is the title just a teaser?

Anyway, you should probably have read some of the earlier books in the series before tackling this police procedural, but that’s OK: if you’ve never read any Dalziel-Pascoe, go to the library and read some of the earlier ones! Then you’ll be ready for Death Comes for the Fat Man. But be sure to have a dictionary at your side as you read them, so you won’t be caught short by words like sempiternal. Every Reginald Hill novel is good for learning a few new vocabulary words. Of course they’re also good for plot and characterization, which are the real reasons to read them.



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