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Friday, February 24, 2006

No slow service from Apple

  • Tuesday afternoon at 4:20 — I took my iBook to the Cambridge Apple Store, having made an appointment earlier in the day at the so-called Genius Bar. (CDs and DVDs were ejecting less than 50% of the time. Worse yet, the mechanism was sometimes scratching the discs.) The Apple guy, who was helpful and knowledgeabe, told me to expect the computer back in about a week and a half.

  • Tuesday afternoon at 4:42 — I received an email message from Apple saying, “We have received your IBOOK G4 (EARLY 2004) for repair. The Apple Store CambridgeSide will send it to the Apple repair center.”

  • Wednesday morning at 9:51 — I received an email message from Apple saying, “Your IBOOK G4 (EARLY 2004) has reached our repair center. We will notify you by email when the repair is complete.” The repair center is in Memphis.

  • Wednesday evening at 8:39 — DHL reports that my computer was picked up in Memphis.

  • Wednesday evening at 8:41 — I received an email message from Apple saying, “Your service request has been completed and your IBOOK G4 (EARLY 2004) is on its way. Please allow two business days for delivery.”

  • Thursday morning at 8:04 — DHL reports that my computer had arrived at their facility in Newton.

  • Thursday morning at 9:20 — My computer arrived and was signed for in Weston.
Wow! There’s nothing like delivery ahead of the promised date. Not only was Apple super-fast, but DHL took less than twelve hours on a promise of “two business days.”



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