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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Getting things done

For several months now, I’ve been determined to implement some version of David Allen’s compelling Getting Thing Done. His book by that title was one of those rare self-help books that immediately grabbed my attention and thoroughly convinced me that it was the right way to organize. Many people whom I respect showed convincing evidence on their websites that some version of Allen’s methodology — perhap a significant variation, but still following all his big ideas — was the most effective way to get things done.

So I tried step one, involving a physical inbox and 43 folders.

But I couldn’t make it work, because I couldn’t finish step one and thereby get to the regular weekly routine of the subsequent steps. I determined that the 43 folders aren’t right for me — my life isn’t primarily structured around paper that’s due on specific days or months well in advance — but I was still a believer in the rest of the system.

I still am.

But how do I make it work? How do I get off the dime and get through step one?



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