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Friday, October 07, 2005

How to protect your kids: a modest proposal from Scituate

Catching up on Monday’s Boston Globe:
Red-light runners in Boston and Cambridge could soon be handing over some green if the Legislature lets the cities set up cameras at intersections to nab violators... [Name Omitted] of Scituate, who drives often for his sales job, says he does not want the risk of getting more tickets. “It’s expensive enough driving here with parking and having the meter maids catching you,” [Name Omitted] said. “And if my kids were using my car, I’d really be in trouble, because I think they run red lights.”
I admit to mixed feelings about the use of spy cameras, but what do you mean by saying that you would be in trouble? What about your kids? Has it occurred to you that running red lights is a good way for them to get themselves killed?

OK, now I’ll take a deep breath and will calm down.



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