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Monday, October 17, 2005

Charging what the market will bear

The folks at TechFusion must be good guys, right? After all, their company is one of WBUR’s underwriters. And they advertise “No Job Too Large or Too Small.” Of course I was suspicious in the first place when I heard their tagline on WBUR and read it on their website:
Where Data is Never Lost
If they don’t know that the word “data” is plural, what do they know?

But that, of course, was not the problem.

There had been a catastrophic failure of the Wildwood Web server, which I use for my website, and which the Weston Math Department uses for its website. Unfortunately the server administrator and sole proprietor was out of town. So I was deputized to take a SCSI disk drive to TechFusion, to see if they could recover our backup data, some of which were on that drive. When they found out that it contained Linux partitions, they said snootily that some people use Linux because they think it will save money, but that they would charge a minimum of $1900 and probably up to $6000 to recover data from the drive!

So much for no job being too small.

We followed Nancy Reagan’s advice.



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